Modifying an Order

If you've start an order, but not yet sent it, you can find it in your Drafts list to modify the order.

Edit an Order's Details and Items

To fully edit an order, it must be in Active>>Draft status.

Find the order you want to edit in your Active Orders>>Draft List and click on the edit button. This will load the order into the edit screen where you can proceed to:

  1. Modify Standard Fields
    You can edit any of the "Ordering & Shipping Information" fields (the fields you fill out when first creating a PO). These fields are outlined in the "Build a Purchase Order>>Introduction chapter.
  2. Add or Edit Items On Order
    Add new or modify existing items on the order. Check out the Add Items to Order chapter to learn more.
  3. Adjust the miscellaneous PO costs
    Below the order items you'll find two fields: Shipping Cost and Other Cost. You can set these values to represent additional costs associated with the order.

    If you've enabled landed cost, the values you enter in these cost fields will be split up and spread across the order's product's costs.

  4. Send the Order
    Once you've completed building the order, you can choose to send it immediately using the "Send Now" button, or click "Send to Queue" to add the order to your queue (from which it will be sent next time your queue is processed).

    When and how often your queue is processed is determined by your queue interval setting.

Archive an Order

If you want to remove an order you've started from your Active Orders>>Drafts list, you can simply archive it. To do so, find the order in the Draft list and click the archive button. If you make a mistake, don't worry, you can find the order under Archived Orders>>Draft list and unarchive it!