Start a New Purchase Order

To create a new PO, navigate to the "Drafts" PO list (Active Orders>>Draft), and from there you have two methods for starting a new PO: 1) Create a PO from scratch using the app interface, or 2) import a spreadsheet of items to kickstart a new PO.

Create New PO via App Interface

To create a new PO from scratch in the app, click the "Create" button above the Drafts list. This will present you with the needed fields to start a new PO. See the intro to building a po for more details on these fields.

After you've filled in all required fields, confirm that the vendor selected is correct and click "Proceed".

The assigned vendor cannot be changed for the order after clicking proceed. All other fields discussed above can be modified until the order is sent.

After clicking proceed, you'll be forwarded to order's edit screen to add the items you want to order. If you want to come back to work on the order later, you'll find it under your Active Orders>>Draft list.

Import via CSV

If you choose to import items you'd like to start the PO with, you'll need to a build a CSV spreadsheet of the items you want in the order.

The CSV you build will be imported to a start a single, new order, so you'll want to ensure the items in your spreadsheet are all for one vendor.

Download Example CSV

To start, visit Active Orders>>Draft and click "Import PO". This will load the popup where you can upload the CSV file you've prepared, but if this is your first import, click "Download CSV Template" to get our example CSV.

Be sure to replace the example item rows (rows #2 and #3) from the template, but leave the header row (row #1; where column names are listed) in place.

Required and Optional CSV Data

Columns that need to be completed for your CSV spreadsheet include:

  • System ID
    Provide the full Lightspeed Retail System SKU/ID

  • UPC
    (Optional) Enter UPC value from Lightspeed Retail

  • EAN
    (Optional) Enter EAN value from Lightspeed Retail

  • Custom SKU
    (Optional) Enter Custom SKU from Lightspeed Retail

  • Manufacturer SKU
    (Optional) Enter Manu. SKU from Lightspeed Retail

  • Item Title
    (Optional) Enter Description (aka Title) from Lightspeed Retail

  • Vendor #
    Enter the unique vendor number you've assigned this item/vendor in Lightspeed Retail. This value is used to determine both the item and the vendor this PO import is for.

  • Cost
    (Optional) The app will use an item's default cost for it's cost unless you enter another value here.

  • Retail Price
    (Optional) Enter the retail price you sell the item for.

  • Needed
    Indicate the amount of the item you'd like to order.

  • Reorder Point
    (Optional) Enter the reorder point for the item in Lightspeed Retail.

  • Desired Level
    (Optional) Enter desired level from Lightspeed Retail.

  • QOH
    (Optional) Enter current quantity on hand for the imtem in Lightspeed Retail.

  • Backorders
    (Optional) Enter amount of this item currently backordered.

  • Shop
    Enter the name of the shop (as listed in the app) that you're ordering this item for. If you want to order an item for multiple shops, simply generate another row with the same data, but replace the "Needed" value with the amount you want and replace the "Shop" value with the name of the other shop you're wanting to order for.

Upload CSV Spreadsheet

When you're ready to upload your CSV, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Active Orders>>Draft and click Import PO button
  2. In the popup that displays, click the "Upload CSV" field and select the file you want to upload
  3. Click the "Upload" button; the app will run some initial validation against the file and report back any issues
  4. If issues are found, make the necessary adjustments in your CSV file and then upload the file again; repeat this process until all errors have been addressed
  5. If no issues are found, the import will be queued in the app for the actual import process, which will happen in the background``

Complete Required Fields

Once the app has completed the import of your file, a new order will show up in your active Drafts list. From here, you can click the edit icon button for the order to complete the following required fields that were not included in the import spreadsheet:

  1. Shipping Method
  2. Shipping Code
  3. Ship To Location

Descriptions of these required (and other optional) fields are outlined above

Once that is done, there are optional fields in the PO that are also not a part of the import spreadsheet, so check those out to ensure they are set as you'd like, and then proceed with the PO workflow.