Finishing a Fully Received Order

If your Enhanced PO account is set to sync orders with Retail, the app performs some additional functions after you've fully received all items on an order.

Once you've fully received an order in the app, the order will be moved to the Archived Orders>>Received list. To ensure the order is marked as completed in the app, you'll need to ensure the items are checked-in and the order is finished in your Retail account.

Check-in and Mark as Finished in Retail

Find the order in the Received list and click the "Open in Lightspeed Retail" button. This will attempt to load the order in Retail admin in a new webpage. If you are not already logged in, the Retail admin login screen will display. Login and you should be forwarded to the order's page.

In the order's edit page in Retail, scroll down and click "Add Received to Inventory". Once that is done, scroll up and click "Finished". You can now close the window for Retail admin and return to the Enhanced PO app.

Complete Order in App

Back in the app's Received list, if you want the app to immediately complete the order, find the order again and click "Check and Update Status" button. This will cause the app to check the order's status in Retail and, if it finds the order is marked as finished, the order will be updated to Completed status within the app. If any inventory transfers were created in Retail for the order, the app will ask Retail to send those transfers.

Auto Checking of Retail's Order Status

If you don't use the "Check and Update Status" button after marking an order as Finished in Retail, don't worry, the app will automatically check the order's Retail status. It will check after 5 minutes, then 30 minutes, then 60 minutes, and finally 2 hours after the order was fully received within the app.

If after 2 hours the order in Retail has still not been marked as finished, the app will stop checking, so you'll need to manually manage this by locating the order and clicking "Check and Update Status". Until the app finds the Retail order marked as finished, the order in the app will remain in Received status and, as long as it's one of the five most recent orders to still be in Received status within your account, the order will show in the "Recently Received Orders Waiting to be Finished" widget on the Home page.