Setting Up Your Account

Introduction to Setup

Before you can fully utilize your Enhanced PO app, we need to complete a few important steps to ensure the necessary data is imported from your Retail account, and any additional details are filled out for the app to function fully (like providing delivery details for each vendor, SMTP settings for outgoing email, etc.)

How do I connect the app to my Lightspeed Retail account?

AdVision support will work with you to create your app account, including connecting the app with your Lightspeed Retail account. Once your Enhanced PO account is linked with your Retail account, you can begin syncing data from Retail into the app.

Can I start syncing data as soon as my account is setup?

You can, but first you should check the help page on prepping your Retail data for syncing. Preparing your data before syncing will ensure your data imports fully and correctly into the app the first time.

Can I start using the app after or while syncing data from Retail?

Technically yes, but you'll first want to complete some setup steps within your Enhanced PO account before fully utilizing the different features of the app. For example, all the vendor data from your Retail account may have synced in, but there are additional details the app needs for each vendor before it can actually send any POs to that vendor. Or if the full product catalog from your Retails hasn't completed syncing, you may start building a PO and find the items you want to order have not yet been imported into the app.

The setup steps you should complete before diving in to create your first purchase order are:

  1. Create any Shipping Codes, Shipping Methods, and Terms you'll need for your POs
  2. Fill out required additional vendor details, including your preferred delivery method for sending orders to each vendor
  3. Fill out your account's SMTP details so emails can be sent from the app (required if you'll be emailing orders to vendors)
  4. Make sure the items and shops you'll need for your first PO have been imported from Retail