Payment Terms

To create new and manage existing payment terms for your Enhanced PO account, visit Settings>>Terms, where a list of any existing, active payment terms will display.

Creating a New Payment Term

Want to create a new term? Simply click the "Add" button shown above your list of active payment terms. In the form that displays, fill in:

  • Name
    The name for the payment term. Example: Due Upon Receipt

Once filled out, click Submit. The new term will be created and you'll be returned to the active payment terms list.

Update an Existing Term

To modify an existing payment term, simply find the term in your active payment terms list and click the edit icon button, which will load a popup form where you can modify the payment term's name. After making any modification to the above fields, be sure to click "Save" to store those changes.

Archived Terms

In the active payment terms list, you can choose to archive a term by clicking the archive icon button, indicating that payment term should no longer be used in your Enhanced PO account.

You can view any archived payment terms by clicking the "Archived" button (above active payment terms list) to view a list of archived payment terms. If you'd like to "un-archive" (re-activate) a payment term, just click the re-activate icon button for that payment term.