Overview - Purchase Order - Enhanced Management App


Thank you for taking the time to checkout our user guide! Within these hallowed pages, you'll find answers to the questions that have been boggling the minds of men since time immemorial...or, at least, since we've released this app.

AdVision worked in collaboration with Lightspeed Retail to develop this application to improve your purchase order management tasks. That means this app works with your Lightspeed Retail account, importing data from it and exporting orders (and inventory transfers) to it, allowing you more time to run your business (or drink coffee, read a good book, take your dog/cat/goldfish for a walk).

What follows is our best attempt to provide you with an understanding of the intended workflow for creating, sending and receiving purchase orders through this app*.

You'll notice we refer to it as "this app", "the app", "our app" and "Enhanced PO" interchangably throughout this guide. However, a rose by any other name... (i.e. whatever we call it, it all means the same thing: the Super-duper Purchase Order Enhanced Management application)

What's in this guide?

We'll start off with some basics, covering:

After we've gotten you through the basics, then we dive into the nitty-gritty, outlining how to:

That will get you up-to-date on the basic actions of the app, so next we'll dig into settings that can give you increased flexibilty in how you use the Enhanced PO system, including:

And finally, for you AP students, we'll discuss:

Still have questions?

Confused? Unsure about what a particular function does? Think you know what you're doing, but want to be sure the button you're about to click won't destroy Aldeeran1? Please reach out to us if you feel we haven't covered a topic in full or have omitted a subject that you'd feel more comfortable if we covered.

  1. Obligatory Star Wars reference - https://www.starwars.com/databank/alderaan