User Management

You can setup multiple, unique users within your Enhanced PO account. Each user has their own login credentials (username and password) and can access all the same actions your first user account can1. These same user accounts can be assigned as "buyers" to purchase orders.

Creating a New User

To create new and manage existing users (aka. buyers) for your Enhanced PO account, visit Settings>>Users, where a list of any existing, active users will display.

Want to create a new user? Simply click the "Add" button, shown above your list of active users. In the form that displays, fill in:

  • Full Name = User's first and last name
  • Username = The unique username you'd like to assign to this person that they will use when logging into the app
  • Email = User's email address
  • Password = Initial password for the user to login with

Once all fields are filled out, click Submit. The new user account will be created and you'll be returned to the active users list.

Update an Existing User

To modify an existing user, simply find the user in your active users list and click the edit icon button, which will load a popup form where you can modify the user's:

  • Fullname
  • Password
  • Active Status
  • "Receive Orders" setting

WAIT! What does the "Receive Orders" setting do? Check out the explanation below under 'The "Receive Orders" Setting'.

After making any modification to the above fields, be sure to click "Save" to store those changes.

User vs Buyer

When creating a PO in the app, you're required to assign a buyer to the order, and any user in your account can be assigned as an order's buyer. The Buyer that is assigned to an order determines a) the person representing your company for that particular order and b) how the app should handle receiving of the order. This latter element is determine by the Buyer's "Receive Order" setting, described below.

The "Receive Orders" Setting

When you send a purchase order to a vendor through your Enhanced PO app, the receipt of that order can also be handled through the app. Whether an order is to be received through the app or not depends on the order's buyer's "Receive Order" setting.

To determine how a particular user's orders should be received, find and edit the existing user account to see a "Receive Order" setting with two options:

  1. "Receive Orders in App"

    This option indicates that any orders this user is assigned to (as the Buyer) should be received through the app. This means after the PO is sent from the app, the order will then show in the "Sent" orders list so you can begin receiving the order once the order's shipment is delivered from the vendor. For more details on receiving a PO, check out the receiving orders chapter.

  2. "Receive Orders in Retail"

    This option indicates that any orders this user is assigned to (as the Buyer) should be received strictly through your Lightspeed Retail software. This means after the PO is sent, the order will be moved to the Archived>>Received list with it's status showing "Receive in Retail". This indicates the app has completed it's workflow for the order and the receiving of shipments for that order should be handled directly in Retail admin.

Archived Users

In the active users list, you can choose to archive a user by clicking the archive icon button, indicating that user should no longer have access to the app.

You can view any archived users by clicking the "Archived" button (above active users list) to view a list of archived users. If you'd like to "un-archive" (re-activate) a user, just click the re-activate icon button for that user.

  1. Permission settings limiting what each user can do will be available in a future release