First Sync from Lightspeed Retail

WAIT! Have you prepped your Retail data? Be sure to do so before performing your first sync.

After you've prepared your Retail data, you're now ready to start the first sync of data from Retail into your Enhanced PO account. Depending on the size of your Retail catalog, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or, for very large catalogs, even a day or more. Why can it take so long? Because the app is importing your products, categories, vendors, shops, brand, and tags.

To sync data, the app offers a "Sync" button on each of the Products, Shops and Vendors pages which allows you to sync each separately, or, especially useful for your first sync, just click the "Sync All" button on the Dashboard (Home) page. Once a sync button is clicked, the app will immediately attempt to communicate with your Retail account and start pulling in any data the app hasn't already imported.