Sending Orders to Vendors

To send an order, first find it in the Active Orders>>Draft list and click the edit button, then from the edit screen you can choose to "Send Now" or "Send to Queue".


What happens when the app sends an order? This depends on the settings of your account and the details of the order:

  1. Send Order to Vendor
    At bare minimum, the app will attempt to send the order (via email/FTP) to the order's vendor.

  2. Syncing Orders to Retail

    If your account is set to "Sync Orders to Retail", before sending the order to the vendor, the app will create a copy of the order in your Retail account.

    Additionally, if your order has "purchase-for shops" different from the "ship-to" shop, the app will create inventory transfers in your Retail account for items being ordered for those shops (so the items can be transferred from the ship-to shop to the purchase-for shops when the order is received/checked-in).

  3. After Successful Send

    Upon successfully sending an order, the order will be moved to a new area/list.

    • If the order was successfully sent, you'll find it in the Sent list, or if the buyer on the order is set to receive through retail, you'll find the order under Archived Orders>>Received / Completed with the status of "Receive in Retail".

    • If the order fails to send for some reason, you'll find it in the Failed to Send list. See how to handle order errors for handling failed to send POs.

Send Now

If you want to send an order immediately, use the "Send Now" button. This will produce a popup while the app immediately attempts to send the order to your vendor.

Once the send process is complete, the app will forward you to the appropriate page based on the result.

Send To Queue

If you'd like an order to be sent from the queue, use the "Send to Queue" button. This will add the order to your "Queued to Send" list and the app will attempt to send the order the next time it processes your queue.

When and how often your queue is processed is determined by your queue interval setting.