Now referred to as "Locations" within Lightspeed Retail.

Syncing Shops from Retail

Before you can manage shops within the app, you first need to sync your shops from your Retail account. To import new shops or sync shop changes from Retail, go to Settings>>Shops and click the "Sync" button. The app will then begin importing shop data from your Retail account. Once imported, your shops will show in a list on this page.

Managing Your Shops

You have to sync Shops in from your Retail account before they'll show here.

To manage the shops in your Enhanced PO app, go to Settings>>Shops. Here you'll see a list of your active shops. Currently all shop data should be managed from Retail (update in Retail and sync changes into the app), so there is no editing feature within the app for shops.

Archive Shops

Don't want a shop to show as an option when assigning shops to an order? You can simply archive the shop.

In the active shops list, you can choose to archive a shop by clicking the archive icon button, indicating that shop should no longer show in your active shops list or be available to assign to an order when building a PO.

You can view any archived shops by clicking the "Archived" button (above active shops list) to view a list of archived shops. If you'd like to "un-archive" (re-activate) a shop, just click the "Undo Archive" icon button for that shop.